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Birchland is a Tokyo apartment & real estate company that has specialized in apartment rentals in Tokyo since 1989. We will help you find apartments in Odakyu line. Rent an apartment in Tokyo now!

Rent an apartment in Tokyo

Birchland has over 20 years experience finding you the perfect rental apartments in Tokyo, Japan. Once you rent an apartment or house through Birchland, we stay in touch.
Tokyo Apartment for Rent: rent an apartment in Tokyo!

Tokyo apartment for rent, Tokyo apartment rental in Tokyo Japan

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Tokyo Apartment, Forrester II Tokyo apartment, La Crale
Tokyo Apartment for rent near Tokyo, Japan:
commercial building & residential housing in the suburb of Tokyo, Japan
Apartment for Rent (Art Place):12 min walk from Shinyurigaoka, 110,000, 1SLDK (52.20m²) Detail
Apartment for Rent (Forester Shinyurigaoka):12 min walk from Shinyurigaoka, 109,000, 2SLDK (62.85m²) Detail
Apartment for Rent (Higashiyurigaoka Rental):10 min bus from Shinyurigaoka, 110,000, 3LDK (74.95m²) Detail
Apartment  for Rent (Co-op 82):12 min bus from Shinyurigaoka, 110,000, 2DK (37.11m²) Detail
Tokyo apartment for rent
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Shinyurigaoka House /Terrace House
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Tokyo Apartment for rent, Tokyo Apartment rental, Rea Estates near Tokyo in Japan

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Tokyo apartment for rent & tokyo apartment rental in Tokyo, Japan
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Tokyo Apartment for rent: Rent an apartment in Tokyo:
Rental Apartments, Office Space, Housing, and Parking lot near Shinyurigaoka